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Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage!

We have three historic churches that are a beautiful setting in which to celebrate your marriage before God.

Your wedding in church speaks to you of God’s love.  His love and faithfulness are gifts to be received from him, and we hope that your wedding day and preparation for it will be a source of joy and blessing to you both, and draw you towards the love of God in Christ Jesus. 

You can get married in any of our churches if you live one of the parishes, or have a 'qualifying connection' with one of them.  (There is a link to a page explaining this in more detail at the bottom of the page.)

These are legal requirements that we must meet to ensure that your marriage is validly celebrated.  These are explained on the next page of this leaflet, but if you do not currently have a 'qualifying connection' then it is possible to meet this legal requirement simply by coming to one of our services at least once a month for at least six months.

So booking a wedding in church is not the same as booking a reception in a hotel or the flight to your honeymoon destination.  The clergy who will take your wedding service will want to get to know you a little over the coming months.  Coming to services regularly over the coming months will make you feel more at home in the building, and more familiar with those who will be involved in your special service.

“God is love, and those who live in love live in God; and God lives in them.” 

(1 John 4:16)


What do I do next?

The first step is to arrange a date and time, so please either contact me, or fill in one of the enquiry forms using the links below.

Rev’d Peter O’Connell

The Rectory, 17 Ivy Mill Lane, Godstone RH9 8NH

01883 741945    rector@godstone.net


For St Nicholas': https://www.pastoralservicesdiary.org/enquiry/wedding/645

For St Stephen's: https://www.pastoralservicesdiary.org/enquiry/wedding/646

For St John's: https://www.pastoralservicesdiary.org/enquiry/wedding/644

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What if one of us is divorced?

Qualifying connections
List of legal connections