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A Memorial

If your loved one lived within the parish when they died then you have the right to their burial at St John's in Blindley Heath, or to have their ashes interred at either at St John's, or at St Nicholas' in Godstone.  

I am allowed to permit memorials after a burial, or an interment of ashes, provided it complies with the restrictions below.  I have no authority to permit anything else, but permission can be sought from the Chancellor of the Diocese however I cannot guarantee that permission will be granted in any particular case.  Anything introduced into the churchyard without appropriate permission may have to be removed.

Further information can be found at: 

Caring for our churchyards

Peter O'Connell

Rector of Godstone and Blindley Heath


Diocesan Churchyard Regulations

Instrument authorising Ministers to approve the introduction of memorials into churchyards

Diocesan Churchyard Regulations

1. These Regulations shall apply only where there are not in existence Churchyard Regulations adopted by the minister under the terms of the Instrument of Authorisation.

2. Subject to paragraph1, the minister may approve the introduction into a churchyard of any memorial if:

(a) at least six months have elapsed since the most recent of the deaths being commemorated;

(b) the form of the memorial is:

(c) the memorial is adequately secured in the ground so as to ensure that it is stable;

(d) in the case of a stone memorial,

(e) in the case of a memorial consisting of a vertical headstone, with or without a horizontal stone base,

(f) in the case of a memorial consisting of a vertical headstone on a horizontal slab,

(g) in the case of a memorial consisting of a horizontal slab,

(h) the inscription on the memorial contains at least:

and any factual material in the inscription is accurate

(i) the inscription and any artwork is incised into the stone and, if painted, no more than one colour is used; and

(j) the memorial contains no advertisement or trademark other than the name or mark of the mason which, if included, shall be at the base of the side or rear face of the stone and no more than 13 mm (1/2 in) high.

3. Any other memorial shall only be introduced into a churchyard with the authority of a faculty.

4. Notwithstanding compliance with paragraph 2, the minister shall not approve a proposed memorial if he or she considers that it is:

and in considering whether to approve a proposed memorial the minister shall have regard to the current version of the document Churchyard Memorials etc. Chancellor's Guidance.

5. "Minister" means the incumbent of the parish in which the churchyard is situated or, where rights of presentation are suspended, the curate licensed to the charge of that parish or the minister acting as priest-in-charge.